A Monthly Delivery of Book Post

One of the best things about writing this blog is that we get lots of lots of book parcels in the po...

One of the best things about writing this blog is that we get lots of lots of book parcels in the post and if you have seen our Instagram account or read our post 'Stalking the Postman' you will know how much BookBairn loves to run to the door and collect the parcels, even the heavy ones, and drag them to open. Today she had a lovely moment as I spotted the postman walking towards the house and we ran to greet him. She took the parcel and politely said "ta" and I really hope that she made his day, because the post definitely brings BookBairn much joy.

But you can share this 'book post' joy with your little ones as there are now some new and fantastic book subscription services available in the UK. I have long been jealous of some of the subscription boxes available in Australia and the US but the postage is just extortionate. But now I'm delighted that we can join the fun in here too!

The Little Reading Club

Now, before we go into saying much about this subscription service, can I just say how amazing the packaging is? What little kid (or big kid) could resist the bright shiny red padded envelope! Anyway, not to be distracted by shiny things...

This service provides a monthly delivery of three books based around a specific theme for the month. I was concerned about joining any subscription services as we have quite a lot of books already and are sometimes sent new books by publishers before their release, which made me concerned about duplication. But of the books we received we only got one doubler and it's so good I'm going to re-gift it anyway. The three books chosen in the 'friendship and kindness' theme are beautiful, funny and sweet.

Firstly, 'Have you Seen Elephant?' by David Barrow is a cute and funny story about an elephant who wants to play hide and seek, but, of course, being an elephant, he's not very good at hiding. The little boy plays along nonetheless. It also has an adorable ending featuring a tortoise who wants to play chase! 'Grandad's Island' by Benji Davis is one that I have had my eye on for a while and it didn't let me down. A magical tale about a little boy who goes on an adventure with his grandad to find a beautiful tropical island, reminiscent of the old man's adventure in the Disney film 'Up!' When Grandad decides to stay, the story beautifully, softly and subtly, shows us that no matter how far away the people we love are, we still hold them close in our hearts. Yes, it's a tear-jerker. And Benji Davis's illustrations are wonderful! Adorable characters, bright and colourful scenery and tropical animals for BookBairn to spot - this is a perfect combination of beautiful storytelling and magical artwork. The final book in the parcel was 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by the dynamic duo Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Written in Julia Donaldson's trademark style mixing fabulous prose and rhyme, the book tells the story of George the giant who wants to be the smartest giant in town. But as it turns out he's not that smart. But he stumbles through and find himself a new, more appropriate title, the kindest giant in town. And paired with Axel Scheffler's illustrations it is a delightful tale!

To add a little sparkle to this book service (as if the envelope wasn't spark;y enough), alongside a list of the book titles and why they were chosen, is a little gift and activity for wee bookworms. As this month's theme was 'friendship' we were given two started friendship bracelets one labelled with BookBairn's name and another to give to a friend. Perhaps not the easiest for little fingers still developing their fine motor skills but I finished the bracelets for her and she can now share with her bestie.

The Little Reading Club have several subscription options available to view on their website here.

The Happy Book Club
The Happy Book Club is more than just a book subscription box - it's a rainy day lifesaver! Each month is themed and includes two books with a huge suggestions of activities included too. We received their 'Imagination' themed box and what an absolute delight it was! You can see BookBairn enjoying collecting it below!

Firstly, the books: this parcel included two wonderful books - one of which I have wanted for a while, and another of which I hadn't even heard of. 'The Wonder' by Faye Hanson is the magnificent story of inside a little boy's imagination. Simply using a muted colour palette for the 'real world' in contrast to the spectrum of colours used in his imagination, Faye Hanson beautifully crafts a story about what it is like inside the mind of a child. You could pour over these illustrations for hours. Also included in the box was 'Use You Imagination' by Nicola O'Byrne where a wolf and a rabbit make up a truly ridiculous story as they go along. This makes me think of trying to encourage children to write stories at school as they come up with the strangest and most brilliant ideas when telling stories! Bright and colourful with a huge pull-out spread at the end, this is a delightful and imaginative book that will encourage little readers to make up stories of their very own.

Also included in The Happy Book Club parcel was a little brown paper bag packed with crafty bits like pipe cleaners, lollipop sticks, pop poms and feathers to create whatever your heart, or imagination desires. Perfect for a rainy day! The newsletter included as has a long list of activity suggestions to help explore your children's imagination as well as a competition based on the crafts. One of the other lovely things that makes this subscription service stand out is that every month they donate a proportion of every delivered package to a charity, which changes monthly.

The Happy Book Club have several subscription options as well as a special Christmas Book Package that would make a great gift for little bookbairns. You can find their website here.

So a great choice of services for little bookworms! These subscription services would make great gifts for Christmas as the children get to enjoy the magic of a monthly parcel in the post just for them!

BookBairn is certainly awaiting the postman's arrival tomorrow, let's hope there is a parcel in the post for her!

Love Mummy and BookBairn xx

*Disclaimer* We received both of the book subscription services free for one month in exchange for sharing on our social media and writing an honest review. The words and opinions are my own. To read more about my review policy click here.

Favourites Shelf - October 2016

Our Autumn/Halloween Favourites Shelf I'm going to start today's post by apologising - ...

Our Autumn/Halloween Favourites Shelf

I'm going to start today's post by apologising - I haven't been a very consistent blogger recently and I've missed it. But I have struggled with concentrating to write posts that I'm happy sharing, we have been away on holiday, BookBairn caught Hand Foot and Mouth and was incredibly poorly and then last week I caught tonsillitis and was stuck in my bed. However, we are all on the mend. And we have lovely, happy news to share.

BookBairn is going to be a big sister. I'm thrilled to be expecting another baby BookBairn. And I hope you will forgive me for being a bit preoccupied recently. But I am now feeling better and have my full blogging faculties back! I have tried to keep you up to date on some of our recent bookish moments on our social media pages which can be found here:

So I thought I would start by updating you all on some of the books we've been reading from our Favourites Shelf.

First Stories: Jungle Book by Miriam Bos
This was one of the books that we took away on holiday with us (you have no idea how difficult I found it to take only a small selection!). But this one really captured her imagination and she became quite obsessed with the page featuring a waterfall as we had seen these when out on some walks on holiday. We had also watched some scenes from the film and she really enjoyed seeing the elephants marching so she also liked to find the elephant illustration and stomp her feet. This series of books, by a variety of illustrators, are short but incredibly cleverly constructed so that little ones can really play with the mechanisms and they are super-sturdy. We've had ours for nearly a year and there is no sign of wear and tear at all! To see our full review of the series click here. (Also, at time of writing these books are on a super deal on amazon.co.uk at the moment for only £2.99 so would make a great stocking filler for little ones at Christmas. Sorry, I don't normally advertise but this is such a good deal that I had to share!)

Together by Emma Dodd
If you read the blog regularly you will know that I adore the stories by Emma Dodd (in fact, they are the books that I wish I had written!) and 'Together' is no exception! This is a lovely story about a parent and baby otter who spend all the day together playing, learning, enjoying. It's truly beautiful. BookBairn really enjoyed reading this one a lot whilst we were away and when I picked it out to take a quick snapshot for this post she wanted to read it again and again. She really enjoys the page of the otters swimming and blowing bubbles and chasing each other along the beach. These stories by Emma Dodd make a fantastic gift for new babies and parents will enjoy reading them as much as little ones do! Great for re-reading over and over again! To see some photos from Together click here.

Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt and Sarah Massini
You will no doubt be able to tell from the title that this book is sort of a motto for our life! BookBairn really enjoys reading this one and she is beginning to use the rhyming couplets to be able to join in with reading the story. She also likes to revisit the page 'book park' with the swings and 'book sunny' which has a little girl reading on the beach! These are two of her favourite activities so she no doubt enjoys them for that reason. She also joins in with reading the last page "books always everywhere!" which makes me smile! Read our full blog post here.

Boo! by Jonathan Litton and Fhiona Galloway
It's just getting into that spooky season so I thought I should dig out some of the Halloween books that I read with BookBairn last year and she loves them! She has re-named this book "peek boo" when she wants to read it because she enjoys peeking through the die-cuts to see what's coming next. She also likes to poke her fingers back through the holes and thinks it's hilarious if you tickle her from the other side. This is such a cute Halloween book and introduces some of the key words associated with Halloween. To see cute little BookBairn peeking through this one a year ago, click here, and honestly - she's too cute in these photos!

Spooky House by Roger Priddy
Another spooky book we've been enjoying again is 'Spooky House' which is jam-packed with lift-the-flaps on every page. BookBairn loves exploring through the haunted house, lifting all the flaps to discover the spooky goings-on as the characters prepare for their Halloween party. She particularly giggles at finding the gremlin in the toilet! Perhaps slightly spookier and less cute than 'Boo!' this is a great introduction to some of the scarier characters of Halloween without frightening little ones. Read our full review here.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about our favourite books of the moment. I'll aim to update this list once every six weeks or so, so keep an eye out for changes to our favourites list.

Mummy and BookBairn xx

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Banned Books Week: And Tango Makes Three

I know things have been rather quiet here recently. Between sickness bugs (plural) and a holiday I...

I know things have been rather quiet here recently. Between sickness bugs (plural) and a holiday I've found that I've not had a huge amount of time to blog. We have still found lots and lots of time to read. And in fact I had to take a library of books with us on our holidays to keep little miss BookBairn happy. If you've missed our blog posts, I apologise - hopefully we are over the bugs and I'll have a bit more time to write again. I have still managed to keep our Instagram account up to speed with our latest book post and some favourites so if you want to see what we've been up to please pop on over and peruse!

Anyway, back to the books...

Last week was 'Banned Books Week' - a concept that I find wholly bizarre. Who's out there banning books? Surely they are there to push boundaries, expose truths, comment on society and challenge our thinking. Last year, BookBairn and I enjoyed reading 'The Family Book' by Todd Parr and reviewed it on the blog. This year, I discovered another controversial family book that I just love!

Celebrating it's tenth year, 'And Tango Makes Three' by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell with illustrations by Henry Cole, is based on the true story of two male penguins who raised a chick in te New York Central Park Zoo. And apparently, even ten years on, this book is still one of America's 'most complained about books'.

Roy and Silo do everything a normal penguin couple do: the bow to each other, they walk together, the sing to each other, and swim alongside each other. They even copy the other penguins and build a nest together. What they can't have is an egg to sit on. Part of the role of male penguins is that they sit of the eggs, often for months, waiting for the female to return with food, but Roy and Silo are denied this role due to the biological restrictions of being a male-male penguin couple. They watch on as the other penguin couples take turn sitting on their eggs and watching them hatch. Roy and Silo sweetly try sitting on a pebble hoping that will do the trick but alas no baby penguin hatches. Having watched all this going on Mr Gramzay, the penguin keeper has an idea: he gives them an abandoned egg to look after. Roy and Silo take turns sitting on the egg until one day they hear a "peep, peep, peep". They have their very own baby whom Mr Gramzay names Tango (after all it takes two to make a Tango!). Roy and Silo sing for her, feed her, snuggle her. Tango is the only penguin in the zoo to have two daddies!

What a delightful story! This is such a heart-warming tale that shows that all you really need to make a family is love. It is a beautiful story made all the sweeter for the fact that it is based on real penguins whose story you can read about in the author's note at the end. The illustrations in this book are delicate, using a simple colour palette featuring mainly blues and browns for the zoo landscape and soft black, white and grey for the penguins. Roy and Silo are such sweetly expressive little penguins it's hard not to fall for them. Given that this book is based on a true story, the penguins featured are Chinstrap Penguins rather than some of the more familiar breeds which makes this book all the more unique.

We all know that life is rarely simplified into black and white, and is more of a fuzzy (fluffy) shades of grey and to simplify this book into 'inappropriate' or 'banned' seems, to me, to be as equally simple-minded.

In my previous post about Banned Books I said that I wanted BookBairn to know that "not all families are the same and that's ok." I couldn't re-write this any better.

Love and Happy Reading from our unique family to yours,
Mummy and BookBairn xx

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Thank you!

Wow! It's been a year since I started writing this blog, creating my own little nook on the...

Wow! It's been a year since I started writing this blog, creating my own little nook on the internet, sharing the stories we've loved, the books we've read and a little bit of ourselves and our life too! BookBairn, the baby, has changed from a teeny bundle of joy who happily poured over the pictures in her books into a teeny whirlwind of fun who no longer poses easily for photos but adores books more than anything else and will independently turn the pages of her books for hours a day.

It is perhaps a poignant moment to say that this morning she read to us from a book for the first time. She turned each page of her library book and told Daddy and I who was in the picture, a word or two about what happened and then moved on to the next page and repeated the process. She's officially a reader. Not just a book-lover but a reader. I'm so proud of her.

And perhaps it might sound crass but I'm pretty proud of myself too. I've raised a reader. I know, she's still little, she's only 18 months old but she's already a reader. We spend more time sharing stories and reading, colouring or stickering books in our house than playing with any other toys. And it's her choice. I'm proud that she has a passion for books. Her favourite days out are trips to the library or the bookshop. The most exciting moment of the day is when I tell her 'post's been' and she rushes to the door to collect her latest book parcel from the postman. And bedtime story is the simplest and most magical time in out house where Daddy, Mummy and BookBairn curl up in her room and choose a story or two from her 'Favourite's Shelf' to read together in those last sleepy moments of the day.

Would books have become so central to our lives without this blog? Honestly, probably not. We'd still go to the library, we'd still get the occasional book in the post, we'd still have bedtime story. But knowing that I'm going to share these moments with you readers makes me think about them more meaningfully. Realise their importance. Not just letting them pass us by as part of our daily routines. So firstly I want to say 'Thank you' to you. Loyal readers. New readers. Book fans. BookBairn fans. You make every 'bookish' moment in our life more significant, relevant and valuable. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! To those of you who also follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter: thank you! And especially to those friends who have come across BookBairn and I in the library, soft play, park, etc and recommended a book, or said you liked a post, or bought a book based on our recommendations: thank you!

There are a few special thank yous I want to share, so here goes:

To Papa BookBairn who has commented on every post I've ever written, your love and support is invaluable. Thank you!

To Gma BookBairn who instilled a love of books in me that I have now proudly passed on to our little BookBairn. Of all the family traits we could have shared, I'm glad she's inherited this one! Thank you!

To Daddy BookBairn whose coding expertise has rescued me from a jam on more than one occasion. And for coining the phrase 'BookBairn'. And for everything else. Thank you!

To Booklover Jo and Book Monster Ally without whom I would have never managed to navigate the world of Twitter and who have provided me with mountains of love and support over the past year. I have discovered so many fabulous books because of you both, explored the world of kidlit in our twitter book group and have found two fabulous friends. Thank you!

To Mama Mummy Mum whose Read With Me linky has helped me connect with bloggers and readers who love to read and write about the same things as me. Thank you! And to those bloggers who share, comment and like: Thank you!

To a large group of kidsbookstagrammers who make me smile on a daily basis: edenbooksknits, afriendlyaffair, spiky_penelope, happily.ever.elephants, kate.eccles, windingbooktrail, clairehanke, readingisourthing, book.nerd.mommy, ohcreativeday, the.book.report, hereweeeread, chaoscastleuk, sobookinggood, kidlitreaders, mummybexm, usbornestagram, thebooksniffer, picturebooksblogger, kidlitpicks, kidsbookstagram amongst many others. Thank you!

To our postie who carries a pile of heavy books to us on a weekly basis. Thank you!

To our lovely library staff who happily greet us and stack up all our requests, who love it when BookBairn gives them a smile and don't bat an eyelid at her loud squeals of joy as she discovers new books. Thank you!

To all the fabulous publishers and authors and book subscription boxes who have sent us books. We love working with you and getting book post so a huge thank you! But particularly to the incredible Antonia Wilkinson who has sent us dozens and dozens of books from a library of publishers. Our bookshelves are bowing under the weight of all those books. Thank you!

To a collection of authors and illustrators who have made me feel valued and appreciated: Jo Lodge, Emma Dodd, Sophy Henn, Gillian Gamble, Sarah Massini. Thank you!

But most of all...
To BookBairn who I love with all my heart. I'm so proud of the little lady you are becoming. You inspire me. You teach me. You make it all worthwhile. Thank you.

I hope I haven't missed someone from this long list of thank yous. But just in case: thank you!

Thank you for reading, I'm off to eat some 'bloggerversary' chocolates!
Thanks, Mummy and BookBairn xx

TES Book Review: The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop

Just a quick post to link to a review of the book ' The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop ' I wrote with the children from my old sc...

Just a quick post to link to a review of the book 'The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop' I wrote with the children from my old school (as in pre-career break school) for the TES website. The children really loved this book and they told me delightful stories of getting in trouble for reading too late at night, or reading the book under the desk in class. They were so captivated. It was also lovely that the author, Clare Balding, shared our review on Twitter - the children will be thrilled.

Here's the link if you have a chance:

Also, you'll not that I didn't pose for a photo with these cute kids, after the last TES review photo I thought I should stick to my strength behind the camera!

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Tickle My Ears

Sometimes I randomly pick up a book and almost instantly fall in love with it. And occasionally th...

Sometimes I randomly pick up a book and almost instantly fall in love with it. And occasionally that book happens to engage BookBairn's little imagination more than most. Our current favourites can be found here. It's odd how often we agree but then sometimes I think I've found something fabulous and she just doesn't take to it - we don't share these on the blog as, after all, our reviews reflect what we actually enjoy reading.

I recently picked up 'Tickle My Ears' by Jorge Muhle at the Edinburgh Book Festival (which was awesome, I'll probably write a full blog post at the end of the festival) and I couldn't resist it. I was absolutely delighted to read this with BookBairn as she really 'got it' right from the first read.

This is a story about a little rabbit who is getting ready for bed. A book you think you've read many times before, right? Wrong! This is so clever. It's interactive. Not with flaps, or touch and feel, or loop-the-loops. It simply asks your child to join in with the routine. And even at 17 months, BookBairn can follow the simple instructions. Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.

When we first see Little Rabbit he is faced away from us, clutching his blanket (and possibly rubbing his eyes) - tell tale signs for anyone that it's bedtime. The text says 'tap him on the shoulder - will he turn around?' and as you turn the page you see his buck-tooth smile, holding his toothbrush getting ready for bed. For little ones like BookBairn they've had that first reward! Follow the instructions and the bunny does something new. Clap you hands to get him to put his pajamas on. Say 'Hoppity-hop' and he hops into bed. Tickle his ears. Rub his back. Give him a kiss. And finally turn out the light. What a lovely bedtime routine. Though for us, it's a shame that story time is missed out. But I'm not quite sure how you could make that work so it's forgiven.

Little Bunny is truly adorable and his expression remains relatively simple throughout the book, except when he is having a huge yawn! There are no backgrounds and the details remain quite simple, usually revolving around the object you are interacting with like his pajamas or blanket. There is a simple colour palette and no textured elements (which I have seen other reviewers have said they would prefer so that children have something to 'feel' when they interact with the book). I think this is to the book's advantage. It means little ones can focus purely on the task at hand and that's getting Little Rabbit to bed. BookBairn certainly didn't miss them and is quite happy to stroke Little Bunny's back without feeling his fluffy fur or smooth pajamas. There is nothing to take away from the interaction. And, for me, that's what makes this book so clever.

So clever, in fact, that I immediately googled the author/illustrator to find out if there was more and there is another title in German. So I contacted the publisher and they said the English version would be available in January. And I can't wait to share with BookBairn in helping Little Bunny with his bath time routine.

This a such a lovely book and would be great for reinforcing bedtime routine with little ones who, let's put it politely, resisting! It's also one of those board books that's a lovely size for little readers to 'play' with by themselves and I see BookBairn doing this already. It's cute, it's quirky, it's interactive. What's not to love?!

Hope you have as smooth a bedtime routine as Little Rabbit - though I'd also hope you have a story or two in there!

Sweet dreams,
Mummy and BookBairn xx

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Ready Steady Go! It's the Olympics.

So Olympic season has begun and it's probably the only time I really get into watching sport o...

So Olympic season has begun and it's probably the only time I really get into watching sport on TV (except Wimbledon - who doesn't get swept up in that?) and I've already enjoyed watching a lot of the swimming, gymnastics and athletics so far. It's a shame that time zone wise it doesn't work out all the well for watching it live but I hope it won't damper by enthusiasm.

I love how inspiring Olympic athletes are (unless they are doping - obviously). But the true athletes are incredible to watch. The amount of discipline and determination - I feel bad eating cookies as I type this. (Not really - I never feel bad eating cookies!) I read recently about the story of Yusra Mardini who won her butterfly heat representing the refugee team; an incredible young woman who to prevent her boat (full of twenty people) capsizing jumped in and swam for three and half hours towing the boat before finally reaching land. Words cannot describe my admiration for this incredible young woman.

Another athlete set to inspire little ones is Mo Farrrah who literally picked himself up after a fall and went on, pushing himself to his limits, to win another gold medal! Mo is also looking to inspire young readers to achieve their dreams in his new picture book 'Ready Steady Mo!'. Written with the support of Kes Grey (who co-wrote My Most Anticipated Book of the Year, Oi Dog!) and illustrated by Marta Kissi, Mo wants all little ones to don their trainers and run!

This is a fabulous rhyming tale that will sweep you away with it's energy and rhythm! This is such a fun book to read: they rhymes roll of the tongue and will have you racing through the pages. The book has a very simple premise and is more of a poem than a true story but that doesn't take away from the fun reading it. On the first spread we are introduced to 'little Mo' who engages the reader in a few questions about what they like to do and how they get there. Suggesting that you "run!!!!" "Run in your slippers, run in your vest, run in your onesie, run and get dressed." Run everywhere. Except in school, of course. Mo reminds little ones not to run in class. My favourite page shows a path and the words travel round: "run in a straight line, run round some bends, run with your family, run with your friends." The words loop the loop as you run around the bends - so cute! Mo encounters a menagerie of animals on his run and you run alongside cheetahs, whales, dogs penguins, even a snail! And in the end, as you run out of energy and cool down on the spot, he says if you run out of puff you can do the Mobot! Fabulous. And full of energy.
The illustrations in the book are bold and vibrant, set on bright coloured pages with simplistic backgrounds the attention is on little Mo and his running buddies. The feeling of movement is captured in the images with props and 'speed lines' and a building group of runners as we turn the pages. My particular favourite is the page where the children are running along with kites following int he sky behind them. It gives it a real sense of speed and movement. I also love that the book features characters from all different backgrounds, obviously Mo himself is originally from Somali and the children who run alongside him are all different colours and ethnicities. (You will know I like seeing books that are representative of society with characters from all different backgrounds if you read my post We Need Diverse Books.) And the final page of all the children (and alien and some animal) who joined Mo on his run all doing the Mobot is a lovely uplifting image that children can copy as they read.

Generally, I avoid 'celebrity' published books - I'm a bit of a book snob about it more than anything else, not having read many either for children or adults (there's an interesting discussion here if you are interested). I think I worry that a 'celebrity' written book may simply be a great name on a cover to sell books but lacks much of a story inside. And there are so many good books to read I don't want to take the risk. But I digress slightly from topic...

Whilst endorsed and starring a celebrity in Mo Farah this book is anything but lacking! It is funny, charming and encourages little ones to exercise and families to read together. Brimming with energy this is a fun book for little readers and runners! On the opening page, Mo writes a letter to the reader saying that he loves to see his kids reading and enjoying a good book and that he can't wait to find our what you think of his. Well, Mo, we loved it! Great job. Congratulations on your race win Mo! And on the book - it's a gold medal from us!

Ready Steady Go on read this book with Mo!
Mummy and BookBairn

*DISCLAIMER* I bought this book myself. I even pre-ordered it!
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Favourites Shelf - August 2016

If you follow us on social media, or have read our posts mentioning it ( here  and  here ) you will ...

If you follow us on social media, or have read our posts mentioning it (here and here) you will have noticed that BookBairn has a favourites shelf above the cuddle couch in her room, where she chooses her stories for nap times and bed times. I initially asked Daddy BookBairn to put up the shelves because it was a good way to display lots of our lovely books but it has, in turn, become a practical way to give BookBairn access to a smaller pile of books to making choosing easier. (It also allows me to swap out the books when we've read the same ones over and over and need a wee refresh.)

So I thought it would be nice to have this page to keep an updated list of our 'Top Five Favourites' and that way your can see the books that we revisit again and again.So here they are (in no particular order):

Nibbles: the Book Monster by Emma Yarlett
 BookBairn truly adores Nibbles the Book Monster! He is often dragged through (it's quite a large book for such a little person to carry) to the living room and she will spend twenty to thirty minutes pouring over the pages, flipping through over and over. There aren't many books which have kept her as occupied as this one. She loves shouting "Nibbles gone!" and shutting him back in his crate at the end. I think she really understands this story. She certainly understands this character! To read our full review click here.

Pom Pom the Champion by Sophy Henn
 You may have seen that BookBairn had her first ever big grump when I returned two of the Pom Pom books to the library - whoops. She then went a bit bonkers because she couldn't read "Pom Pom chute" (a chute is Scots for a slide) which describes her favourite page. I had to go back to the library the next day and re-borrow it! But this weekend I bought BookBairn her own copy and got it signed by the lovely Sophy Henn at the Edinburgh Book Festival (which is awesome by the way!). Read our Pom Pom review here.

Oi Dog! by Kes and Claire Grey and Jim Field
So this was my Most Anticipated Book of the Year and BookBairn loves it! It's the first book title she's managed to say in full and whenever we have visitors to the house she has grabbed this one of her shelf and made the grown ups read it! I also met Kes Grey at the Book Festival and he was charming and I got this one signed too. More details here.

Spot by Eric Hill 
Spot by Eric Hill  Another book that we read a lot at the moment is a collection from the Spot series by Eric Hill. She loves the flaps. She loves finding Spot. We've read it so many times she knows the story by heart. This copy has two stories in it and we usually alternate which one we read as she pretty much asks for Spot every nap and bed time (I think Daddy might be a bit sick of it!). I might need to add Spot to our 'Story Book Classics' series of posts.

The Moomins by Tove Jansson
 BookBairn loves these Moomin books which are great interactive stories - one with lift the flaps and one with turn the wheel interactive elements. I'm not entirely sure how much she really appreciates these stories but she enjoys looking for things so it's great fun to read with her. It's also lovely because I love the Moomin characters so I'm hoping this will be a nice early introduction to stories that we can share together.

And a special mention goes to Mummy's Favourite:

Ready Steady Mo! by Mo Farrah. Kes Grey and Marta Kissi
I love this book. It's bold, bright and cheerful! And Kes Grey's rhyming skills fit beautifully telling a short story of little Mo - the Olympic champion who wants us all to put on our running shoes and get out there and run! It's sweet and uplifting. And having been swept up in the Olympics it's absolutely perfect and is a great book of the moment! Full review coming soon.

Hope you've enjoyed reading about our favourite books of the moment. I'll aim to update this list once every six weeks or so, so keep an eye out for changes to our favourites list.
Mummy and BookBairn xx

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